El-Salam Housing 


New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)


El-Salam City


966,000 m²




Project brief

The Al-Salam Housing is a national project located between Al-Obour City and Al-Salam City, east of Cairo. It stands as one of the vital state initiatives aimed at providing suitable alternative housing units for residents in slums and unsafe areas. The original site came with several constraints, such as typography, pre-existing utility lines running across the length of the site, and a substantial garbade dump-site. Despite it being a difficult masterplan, we were able to not only offer proper housing for low-income groups, but also enhance urban activities within the urban clusters. The dump site was cleared and now hosts the sports club and educational facilities.

The project includes 230 residential buildings, 5 nurseries, 6 schools catering to various educational levels, three mosques, a church, a health center, and commercial services. IDG played a central role in this project, serving as the main consultant. Our involvement encompassed all stages, starting from designing the masterplan, conceptual and detailed architectural plans, landscape design, interior design, and furnishing. Additionally, IDG provided construction supervision across all trades and coordinated effectively with the consultants and contractors engaged in the project.


CD & SD, DD & TD, AoR, Site Supervision




Architecture, Urban Design & Landscape, MEP, Structural

Prototypes 2 & 3
Prototype 1