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Established in the early ‘90s, the Integrated Development Group is driven by a profound passion for the development and design process. Our commitment is to leave a lasting imprint on the built environment and landscape. Each project, regardless of scale, serves as an opportunity to deliver exceptional service and express our distinctive vision and creative capabilities. We are an integrated architecture and engineering consultancy firm serving local, regional, national, and international clients since 1993.

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Engineering, Planning, and Architectural Consultancy

Architecture | Interior Design | Branding | Urban Design | Landscape architecture | Urban Planning and upgrading | Geographic Information Systems (GIS) | Adaptive reuse

Site analysis | SWOT studies | Strategic planning | Master planning | Detailed planning

Strategy, Process, and Management Consultancy

Project management plans | Project management | Real estate assessment | Construction management | Finishing supervision

Stakeholder management | Market research | Surveys | Interviews | Focus groups



Misr University of Science & Technology (Luxor): Horus

Sustainable, active, connected, sociable, and walkable are the core principles of MUST University in Luxor. These principles are realised through the creation of central open spaces and bridges, inspired by the form of the Horus Eye. This design approach fosters various experiences and enhances connectivity between university administration, students, and visitors while also honouring MUST’s values and principles.


Al Alamein University Hospital

El Alamein University Hospital, situated within the campus of El Alamein International University, marks a pioneering endeavour as the first of its kind in the area, with a second planned for El Alamein City. Its primary objective is twofold: firstly, to seamlessly integrate into medical education by providing essential clinical exposure crucial for the completion of various medical curricula, and secondly, to address the burgeoning healthcare needs of the community in alignment with the governmental development strategy for El Alamein City.

With these goals in mind, the hospital has been meticulously designed to accommodate 400 beds, including 80 ICU beds, 20 CCU beds, and 16 operating rooms. Additionally, it features 40 outpatient clinics and all necessary clinical and diagnostic departments to ensure the efficient operation of the facility.


New Mansoura University

The project is geared towards creating an exceptional working environment that fosters high-quality research, teaching, and learning experiences.

The campus comprises nine faculties, a main administrative building housing a conference center, central library, sports center, mosque, dental hospital, educational hospital, and student dormitories.